Neck Tightening

The skin on our neck is thin and sees quite a bit of sun it can often show signs of aging sooner than other parts of the body.
On top of that, looking at our phones repeatedly cause neck changes even earlier. With tech neck wrinkles we also see tech spots, because cell phones emit radiation to cause oxidative stress to the skin structures. This can also lead to premature dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and other signs of premature aging.
Before & After Skincare Clinic offers neck tightening and injection treatment package.


Only Ultherapy is FDA-cleared to non-invasively lift skin on the neck, under the chin, and on the brow—and also improve lines and wrinkles on the décolletage! 1,2 No wonder we’ve delivered more than a million treatments worldwide. For those who are not ready for a surgical facelift, Ultherapy provides proven results in a single treatment for most patients. Learn how to treat your loose skin without surgery, without impacting the surface of your skin, and without downtime

Skin Tightening

RF (Radio Frequency) technology is an all-in-one solution to many aesthetic procedures. RF stimulates collagen for significant improvement in skin laxity, sagginess and texture; this can be performed on the neck and anywhere else on the body.

Kybella injections

These fat-melting injections rid you of the “double chin” from help of its active ingredient, deoxycholic acid. This naturally occurring molecule in the body aids the breakdown of dietary fats. Kybella can help you win in the never ending battle for the perfect profile.

Hyaluronic Acid fillers

This filler is perfect for the deep, etched in, horizontal lines that come as a result from the dreaded tech neck. At Before and After Skincare Clinic, there are various dermal fillers that we would help you decipher which one is perfect for your wants and needs.


Pretty much everyone knows about Botox now a days, but not everyone knows that it can help aid an aging neck. Have wrinkles that give your neck a ropey kind of look? Botox can fix that by relaxing the vertical (platysma) muscle.


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